Covey Wheelers Club League 2012 – Round 5 Results

Below are the results from this evenings Covey Wheelers Club League Round 5.

A big thank you to all the volunteers and marshalls who gave their time to help out this evening.

The next round is set for August 15th.

Group 1 went out extremely fast with the wind, averaging 45km per hour until they turned back into the wind. It was slower coming home with attacks every few kilometres, which were chased down quickly. Less willingness to work as a unit at this stage, when it came down to a sprint finish in which Con Doherty pipped Ger Corcorcan and Rob Staunton for 1st. Ger Corcorcan still maintains the lead in the league over all. 1hr7mins it took Group one to complete the course.

Attacking seemed to the theme for the Round 5, as once under the bridge, the attacks began in group 2, and they barely let up until the finish, with riders trying to break away every few kilometres with no luck. Nobody managed to stay away for long as all breaks were reeled in by the group. Group 2 averaged about 41km per hour until the turn back into the wind, the attacks persisted even into the wind, but the group stayed together until the sprint finish, which was won by Joe Browne. Group 2 were 1hr10mins overall.

Group three started the race immediately with a ferocious pace which saw the starting group of 12 dwindle to 6 before Srah. The 6 worked doggedly against a severe head wind until 6km to go when the pace picked up again. The eventual winner Anthony Chappat pulled off a crazy manoeuvre under the bridge giving him a huge lead which he maintained and finished strong leaping way up the League table into 3rd overall and also straight into Group 2 for the next race. 1hr15mins it took Group 3 to complete the race.

A disappointing turn out in Group 4 for this Round, with only 3 riders taking part. Despite there being only 3 of them, they had a great race time of 1hr20mins. Stephen Cowley took the 5pts with a very strong finish.

Only 3 riders in Group 5 (Under Age) too. Ben Walsh gave Keith Hastings another good race, with Keith taking first again.


Group 1:
1st Con Doherty – 5pts
2nd Ger Corcoran – 4pts
3rd Robert Staunton – 3pts

Group 2:
1st Joe Browne – 5pts
2nd Richard Meaney – 4pts
3rd Colin Kelly – 3pts

Group 3:
1st Anthony Chappat – 5pts
2nd Dave O’Malley – 4pts
3rd Dave Hanahoe – 3pts

Group 4:
1st Stephen Cowley – 5pts
2nd Simon Moran – 4pts
3rd Theo Inyham- 3pts

Group 5 – Under Age
1st Keith Hastings – 5pts
2nd Ben Walsh – 4pts
3rd Aaron Doherty – 3pts

Below is the League table so far, based on the Results from the first 5 rounds.

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