Mizen to Malin 2012

Padraig and Martin from Western Lakes have asked me to send this around to see if we have an interest in running this jointly.

Mizen to Malin in 3 days
Do you want a goal for 2012?
If so Why not take on the Holy Grail of Leisure Cycling in Ireland!
To mark the tenth anniversary of the last Mizen to Malin leisure spin, Western Lakes Cycling Club is offering you an opportunity to take part in a three day Mizen to Malin (M2M) spin from Thursday 30th August to Saturday 1 September next.

You won’t be able to call yourself a serious leisure cyclist until you have completed this iconic spin!!
This is a fantastic opportunity for WLCC & Westport Covey Wheelers members to cycle together on an organised trip as a group.

It is also a great opportunity for those of you who are looking for a specific challenge for 2012 and to set yourself and work towards a target for the year.

The itinerary for the three days is as follows:
Wednesday 29th Aug – Depart Ballinrobe pm to Mizen by bus
Thursday 30 Aug – Mizen to Limerick 207km
Friday 31 Aug – Limerick to Ballinamore, Leitrim 189km
Saturday 1 September – Ballinamore to Malin Head 185km
Sunday 2 September – Return to Ballinrobe

Total kilometers is 581.
A full back up crew will be provided for the trip.
The cost of the trip is Eur400
The main criteria for people to take part in the spin are as follows:

– You must be able to AVERAGE 25kph over a nine and a half hour period (including total break period of 1.5 hours) three days in a row
– You must be fit and be able to cycle comfortably within a group
– Your bike must be in good working condition
– You must be a paid up member of WLCC
– You must pay a Eur100 non refundable deposit by 3 February 2012 to secure your place on the trip
– You must have paid the balance by 20 July 2012

We would plan to have a number of training spins during the year specifically for the members taking part in the M2M so that people can get used to cycling together in a group at the agreed pace.

So if you feel you’re up to the challenge, put your deposit down by 3 February and take part in an unforgettable experience with your fellow club members!. Don’t be afraid!!

You must complete the attached application and return deposit to the address on the form.
If you have any queries please contact Martin Joyce at 087 2613349.

Submitted by Keith O’Connell

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