Final Round of Covey League 16kTT

Due to daylight conditions etc. the date for the final round of the club league has been changed to Wednesday 21st September. Due to the large numbers which attend the Time Trials we have a number of safety measures:
1. Sign on from 5.45pm at the Skate Park. Sign on closes at 6.20pm sharp. Martin McNally will endeavor to get the juniors and underage off before 6.30pm. Senior riders will be off at 6.30pm sharp!
2. All cars are to be parked at the Skate park or along the West Road as usual. No car parking is allowed at the Fire Station, by instruction from the Chief Fire Officer.
3. The course will be the same as the first TT starting just after the crossroads on the Leenane Road. Please note that space is quite limited here and riders will have to keep off the main road. The course/road will remain open to traffic so please be vigilant.
4. The turning point will be in the middle of the road just after the Drummin turn off. There will be a cone to turn around in the middle of the road with a turning arrow also drawn on the road. There will also be a Marshall there to assist with traffic.
5. Please do not approach the Time Keeper after your effort. A 30 second time penalty will be appied to anyone interfering with Time Keepers. Times will be made available afterwards in Tommy Bourkes.

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