Round 5 of the club league was held on Wed night last on the Liscarney, Aughagower circuit.
A good selection of riders of all ages lined out and provided good racing on the night.
The winner of the race was Antonio Fernánds who started in group 3 most of the rest of the top finishers were from group 2, in 2nd place Tom Mc Greal, 3rd was Colin Kelly , in 4th place Damien Gannon Group2 5th place Robert Conway group 3, three riders from Group 4 got to 20 sec off the winning rider they were Anthony Murrey, Ger Corcoran, and Michael Brady.
1…Antonio Fernánds
2.. Tom McGreal
3…Colin Kelly
4…Damien Gannon
5…Robert Conway
6…Martin Nee
7…Dillon Core
8…James McGreevy
9…James Fitzsimons
10.Anthony Murrey