Westport TT League 2022

By Paraic Furlong | May 5, 2022

We are back on the Road and Racing!! The Time Trial league for 2022 is about to start, so get out your TT bikes, your shiny aero helmets and those…

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Strava TT League 2022

By Paraic Furlong | April 4, 2022

**Final League Table** Groups have been updated! The Strava TT will be divided into 3 Main Groups, we will have 1 Ladies group and 2 other groups. These are not…

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Ras Mhaigh Eo Stage 3 & GC 2022

By Paraic Furlong | March 27, 2022

Stage 3 results and General Classification after finish of race.   Stage_3_Final_Results & CG

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Ras Mhaigh Eo A4 Results

By Paraic Furlong | March 27, 2022

Ras Mhaigh Eo A4 results.. After a fantastic day of racing please find the results after the A4 race. A4 Ras Mhaigt Eo Results

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Ras Mhaigh Eo Results Stage 2 & General Classification

By Paraic Furlong | March 26, 2022

Results of the Hilly TT Stage 2 & General Classification Stage_2_Results Rider list for Start of Stage 3 Stage_3_Rider_List

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Connacht Prize Presentation

By John Lenehan | January 4, 2011

The re-scheduled Connacht Prize Presentation will now take place in
the Travellers Friend Hotel Castlebar on Friday 21st.

Majorca camp

By John Lenehan | January 4, 2011

The closing date for Majorca camp is January 10th so far I have 17 names, deposit only secures your place.

Membership 2011

By John Lenehan | December 20, 2010

We will be hosting another registration night for 2011 membership at 6.30pm on Wednesday 26th January before the spinning class at 7pm in Scoil Padraig. All new members are welcome…

Top 10 Strava League 2022

Bryan Renton45
Adrian Fahy44
Deirdre Clarke42
Dara Clarke37
Jarlath Brady31
Mika K17
Ivan Fair16
Theo Ingham16
Paul Geraghty13
Lorainne Toner12

Wednesday spin
Wednesday 6.30pm @ Skate Park (Summer)

Weekend cycles
Sundays 08:45 @ Clock - Red group
Sundays 09:00 @ Clock - Blue group
Sundays 09:00 @ Clock - Green group
Sundays 09:15 @ Clock - Rainbow group