Club Spins

Club Spins will take place every Sunday all year round and on Wednesday evenings (April – September) unless cancelled by committee due to weather or another event.

Sunday spins depart The Clock at 9am. Wednesday spins depart the Skate Park at 6:30 pm.

The following guidelines apply to group spins:

Rainbow Group – 20-50km, Average Speed 18 – 22kmph

This is typically a beginner group which will be lead by a more experienced cyclist with a view of progressing to Green group and beyond.

Green Group – 55-70km, Average Speed 22 – 26kmph

This will generally be a group of sportive cyclists which may lead some members into Club racing or some timed open events.

Blue Group – 70-90km, Average Speed 26 – 28kmph

This is aimed at the more advanced/experienced cyclist that wishes to ride Club or Open races with the view to moving to the Red group.

Red Group – 90km+, Average Speed 28km and above

This is for members who are racing throughout the year as pace and distance will be higher than other groups but is not exclusive to racers.

These are guidelines for each group and are done in such a way as to help riders progress from group to group if they wish but we would hope that these speeds and distances are adhered to for the benefit of the club. If groups feel that we need to revise or add a group in, that will be addressed.

Group sizes will generally be kept to a maximum of 12 riders.

Under 16s must be accompanied by a parent on group spins. 16-18 year olds may join group spins unaccompanied with parental consent.

For new members that would like to join WCC, please email