Covey League 2019

Table after round 3

NameTT PointsRace 1 PtsRace 2 PtsRace 3.1 ptsRace 3.2 PtsTotal
Bryan Hyland2115252523109
Michael Flynn241317162393
Aidan Gill222510151587
Brian Glavey201023151583
Cormac Connaghan191019131879
Joe Moran2500232573
Charlie Kelly121010182171
Steven Breheny101515151570
Noel Kelly151017101668
Joe O Toole02113221066
Mary Daly18021161166
Dan Curran17010201360
Mick Hogan11015151556
Patrick Corrigan0210141954
Eoghan Carr01712101251
Theo Ingham1619150050
Ethan Doherty14013101047
Keith Mulroy2314100047
John Moran0150151545
Eamon Daly0015151545
Grainne Kennedy10100111041
Edel McDonagh1015130038
Tommie Bourke023100033
Nuala Currid015150030
Freda Kay015150030
Sean Hyland015150030
Noel Mulroy015150030
Liam O Suillebhain015100025
Robert Coakley010150025
Tommie Gill101500025
Declan Gallagher00210021
Aileen McNamara101100021
Kyle O Malley010100020
Aidan Carney101000020
Sean O Grady101000020
Kieran Geraghty101000020
David Currid01500015
Mary Walsh01500015
Tony Hynes01500015
Shane Gill00150015
Leah Gill00150015
Keith O Connell00150015
Walter Lyons01400014
Loraine Mulchrone01300013
Keith Hopkins01000010
Ita Mullahy01000010
Noel McGourty00100010
Padraic Furlong00100010


Results Round 3:

Race 1

  1. Brian Hyland
  2. Joe Moran
  3. Michael Flynn
  4. Michael Brady
  5. Charlie Kelly
  6. Patrick Corrigan
  7. Cormac Connaghan
  8. Noel Kelly
  9. Eoghan Carr
  10. Mary Daly
  11. Dan Curran
  12. Grainne Kennedy
  13. Joe O Toole

Race 2

  1. Joe Moran
  2. Brian Hyland
  3. Michael Brady
  4. Joe O Toole
  5. Dan Curran
  6. Charlie Kelly
  7. Patrick Corrigan
  8. Michael Flynn
  9. Mary Daly
  10. Grainne Kennedy
  11. Cormac Connaghan
  12. Eoghan Carr
  13. Noel Kelly

Top 3 in each group,

Race 1Group 1Group 2Group 3
1Brian HylandMichael BradyJoe O Toole
2Joe MoranMary DalyDan Curran
3Michael FlynnCormac ConnaghanCharlie Kelly
Race 2Group 1Group 2Group 3
1Joe MoranMichael FlynnCharlie Kelly
2Brian HylandCormac ConnaghanPatrick Corrigan
3Michael BradyNoel KellyDan Curran


Round 3, Wednesday 10th July

The 3rd round of the Westport Covey Wheelers Club League will take place on Wednesday 10th July. This round will revert to a format used a number of times in the past with 2 races on the night. The 1st race will start at the Train Station and head out the Ballinrobe Rd for Srah, it will do a loop of Srah and re-enter the Srah loop for a 2nd time to finish at Srah National School. The 2nd race will start at Srah NS and head straight back in towards Westport. The race will turn left in Ayle towards Aughagower where it will turn left again to finish on top of Coilleach. Normal scoring applies to both races. Maps for both routes below.

Sign on across from the Train Station from 18:00-18:30 with 1st group off at 18:45. All help is greatly appreciated, e-mail us at if you can give us an hour.

(TT points will be added to the table after this round, so expect big changes, anyone having done the TT and no races will not be scored for the TT.)

Race 1:(28.3km)

Race 2:(18.6km)


Results & updated Table after Race 2:

1Bryan Hyland
2Brian Glavey
3Ben Walsh
4Declan Gallagher
5Mick Flynn
6Mary Daly
7Cormac Connaghan
8Noel Kelly
9 Joe O Toole
10 Eoghan Carr
11 Padraig Furlong
12 Theo Ingham
13 Tommie Bourke
14 Liam O Suilleabhain
15 Ethan Doherty
16 Edel McDonagh
17 Noel McGourty
18 Dan Curran
19 Adian Gill
20 Charlie Kelly
21 Kyle O Malley
22 Keith Mulroy

Top 3 in Each Group

Group 1Group 2Group 3
1:Theo InghamMary DalyBryan Hyland
2:Ethan DohertyCormac ConnaghanBrian Glavey
3:Edel McDonaghNoel KellyDeclan Gallagher*
*Ben Walsh does not score points for his placing on the night


Table After Race 2:

NameTT PointsRace 1 PtsRace 2 PtsTotal
Bryan HylandPoints to be152540
Aidan Gilladded before251035
Joe O Toolethe final211334
Theo Inghamroad race191534
Tommie Bourke231033
Brian Glavey102333
Nuala Currid151530
Freda Kay151530
Sean Hyland151530
Steven Breheny151530
Michael Flynn131730
Noel Mulroy151530
Eoghan Carr171229
Cormac Connaghan101929
Edel McDonagh151328
Noel Kelly101727
Liam O Suillebhain151025
Robert Coakley101525
Keith Mulroy141024
Patrick Corrigan21021
Declan Gallagher02121
Mary Daly02121
Charlie Kelly101020
Kyle O Malley101020
Tommie Gill15015
David Currid15015
John Moran15015
Mary Walsh15015
Tony Hynes15015
Mick Hogan01515
Shane Gill01515
Leah Gill01515
Keith O Connell01515
Eamon Daly01515
Walter Lyons14014
Loraine Mulchrone13013
Ethan Doherty01313
Aileen McNamara11011
Aidan Carney10010
Keith Hopkins10010
Grainne Kennedy10010
Sean O Grady10010
Kieran Geraghty10010
Ita Mullahy10010
Noel McGourty01010
Padraic Furlong01010
Dan Curran01010

(if you see any discrepancies in the table let us know, we are amateurs to the max)

Information for Round 2:

Round 2 of the 2019 Covey Wheelers Club League will take place on Wednesday 12th June.

Sign on across from the train station between 18:00 & 18:30, with 1st group off at 18:45.

Groups and handicaps are at the discretion of the organiser and they have final say on these matters.

Race price is €5, you must have a current CI competition licence to take part.


League Table after round 1:

NameTT PointsRace 1 ptsTotal
Aidan GillTo follow2525
Tommie Bourkebefore final2323
Joe O Tooleround2121
Patrick Corrigan2121
Theo Ingham1919
Eoghan Carr1717
Bryan Hyland1515
Tommie Gill1515
Liam O Suillebhain1515
James McGreevy1515
Nuala Currid1515
David Currid1515
Freda Kay1515
Sean Hyland1515
John Moran1515
Steven Breheny1515
Mary Walsh1515
Tony Hynes1515
Walter Lyons1414
Keith Mulroy1414
Loraine Mulchrone1313
Edel McDonagh1515
Michael Flynn1313
Aileen McNamara1111
Noel Kelly1010
Aidan Carney1010
Charlie Kelly1010
Brian Glavey1010
Keith Hopkins1010
Grainne Kennedy1010
Sean O Grady1010
Kieran Geraghty1010
Robert Coakley1010
Ita Mullahy1010
Kyle O Malley1010


Scoring System for 2019:

  • 10 points for signing on
  • Top 10 score points from 10 -1
  • Top 3 in each group score points from 5-3
  • Marshals/helpers score 15 points
  • TT will be scored after the 3rd round and added to the table then, as there are TT participants who have not yet done a road race(Points awarded 25-11 for best times, with all others scoring 10 for the TT)

Road Race #1

Next Thursday (April 25th) sees the 1st road race of the 2019 Covey League.

Sign on is at the Skate Park from 18:00 to 18:30. 1st Group is off at 18:40 sharp. Groups and handicaps are to be decided at the discretion of the race organiser.

The cost is €5 per round, please bring correct money with you. You also need to bring your limited/open competition licence with you. If you have numbers pin them on too!!

As always we are looking for a little help to marshal the route, if you are free please let us know.

Full results and table, including TT results will be published here in the days following the race.

Route map(Louisburgh Loop): distance approx. 39km



The 1st round of the 2019 Covey club league takes place in conjunction with the Westport TT League on Thursday April 4th.

It is a 16km TT on the Leenane road. Sign on time and location to be confirmed closer to the date.

Further rounds of the league will take place on the following courses and on the following dates, subject to sufficient help coming forward to assist in the organising of these races.

Thursday April 25th           39km Louisburgh

Wednesday June 12th       43k Srah route

Wednesday July 10th        41k Srah Coilleach

Thursday August 22nd     44k Aughagower laps

Further details along with route maps, sign on times and locations for each of these rounds will follow closer to the date on which they are being held.